The European Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme is a social network that helps you find a mentor who can help you, or a mentee whose life you can change or help to improve.

When you are a part of the community of chapters, you will never be alone.


If you have a calling to help someone in your own chapter, country or overseas by providing guidance from your years of experience and knowledge while further developing your own skills, you are at right place.

You will gain immense satisfaction through the mentoring process and even earn professional development units (PDUs) for your contributions. You do not need to be a PMI member to be a mentor.

A mentor’s contribution can accelerate your professional progress and help you develop your personal and interpersonal skills quickly. Are you looking for someone to help you reflect on perfecting your knowledge, listen to and advice you while opening up new perceptions and perspectives? Do you need support necessary for personal and career development? This is the place for you too.

You can select a mentor from your local chapter, country or overseas if the mentor’s skills match with your development needs. You have to become a member at one of the PMI Chapters below to use this service.


Not a PMI Member?

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Creating a mentoring partnership in 4 easy steps
1. Enrol
Register to join the programme as a Mentor or Mentee.
2. Connect
Search, choose and request a Mentor / Accept a Mentee's request and agree to meet
3. Partner
Commence mentoring process and meet regularly, according to agreed plan
4. Close
Review partnership, feedback, conclude programme. Celebrate success!
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